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User guidesHow to post a product request? (buyer)

Posting a request is super easy, just follow the steps below:

Log into your account at Mercamadrid Online.

Click on "Requests" at the top of the screen or follow the link.

Requests view

To post a new request, go to "Your requests" on the lateral menu, and click on the '+' button.

Your requests

Fill out the form regarding the product characteristics you are looking for and click on "Save".

TIP: Please, bear in mind that is important to choose well the category of the product you looking for.

Now optionally you can add an image to help clarify which product you are searching for. After adding the image/s, click on "Save".

Please bear in mind that once you post it, you have 10 minutes to edit the request, before Mercamadrid Online starts notifying sellers about it. Images can be added at any point during the active life of the demand, 7 natural days.

Mercamadrid Online will then conduct a thorough background search and contact all the sellers that can potentially supply this product for you.

You will receive an email whenever any supplier responds with a product from their catalog. Click on "MANAGE" to see the seller's response.

Click on the proposed product and click on "Purchase" (if you agree with the conditions placed by the seller) or click on "Bid" to start a negotiation (if you want to change any condition). Click on the links to see the user guides on how to purchase directly or start a negotiation.

Requests will remain active for 7 working days, after which they will become inactive and will be automatically erased.

You can also delete your posted request at any point by going to "Your requests", selecting the request you want to delete and clicking on "Delete".